We can restore your luxury sofas and armchairs to their former glory

    Restore your treasured, bespoke furniture piece from Delcor to its former beauty and elegance ready to fall in love with all over again.

    Refresh your treasured bespoke furniture pieces from Delcor – and enjoy many more years of sophistication and comfort

    Here at Delcor, we offer our clients the unique ability to restore our original bespoke furniture designs to their original splendour. starting with frame repairs, upgrades including new springs, cushions and foams then finishing with a new fabric of your choice (prices may vary). Giving your bespoke Delcor furniture a new lease of life.

    We appreciate our clients will likely not want to be without furniture for long periods of time, which is why we make the extra effort to ensure we have everything available in our historic Northumberland site to complete our refurbishment before we collect your furniture. This means we are able to have your furniture back to you in as little as 4-weeks*, beautifully restored and refurbished for you to enjoy. We are pleased to offer a loan sofa until your masterpiece is delivered back to you.

How Delcor’s refurbishment service operates


We collect your furniture

After plenty of years of comfort and satisfaction, everyday life can gradually begin to take its toll on your Delcor furniture – with slight stains and scratches spoiling the enjoyment of your handcrafted piece. When this occurs, our trusted Delcor refurbishment service can be of help to restore your furniture back to its former glory.


We rebuild with skill and precision

Our master craftspeople will strip your furniture down to its original framework and rebuild it with the utmost precision and care, repairing and replacing parts where needed to revive your beautiful, bespoke furniture so it is in immaculate condition.


Reupholster to your exact preferences

Our Delcor furniture specialists will then re-upholster your bespoke furniture to your exact preferences. You might wish to stay true to your original vision  or re-upholster with a gorgeous new fabric from our extensive library of over 10,000 designer fabrics and leathers. However you envision your refurbishment, the next time you see it, your piece of Delcor furniture will be beautifully restored to your exact requirements and vision.

    We have the records we need to restore your bespoke furniture to its former glory

    Since opening in 1967, we have kept all of our clients’ furniture records, detailing every specific request so that, should you require any repairs or replacements for your piece of Delcor furniture, we have all the information we need to restore your sofa to its former glory.

    Refurbishment is a cost-effective, simple way to extend the life of your prized possession and lessens the negative environmental impact that the furniture industry has on our planet. If you would like to book a refurbishment service, simply get in touch with one of our furniture specialists today to discuss your needs – or if you’d prefer to talk to one of our experts in person, visit one of our bespoke furniture showrooms located across the UK.

Enquire about Refurbishment

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