Delcor Care Sheet

Cushion Interiors
Foam Core – Minimal maintenance: patting, turning over and swapping position regularly, to even out wear. This provides a firmer, more supportive sit with a uniformed, flatter appearance.

General Information
As a natural product, leather will often display traces of its past, such as brand marks, scars, growth lines and areas of differing fibre density and hair pore structure. These hallmarks in no way detract from its natural beauty. As a general rule, the more corrected the hide and the more pigmented its finish coat, the less these natural marks show through.

Regular maintenance: shaking to keep fibres separate and prevent clumping. This is a soft and comfortable filling. All cushions will compress when used, so they must be maintained from the day of delivery, by plumping regularly to avoid fibres binding and flattening. After each day’s use, firmly plump along the edges to help restore air between the fibres. On a weekly basis, maintain by shaking vigorously, holding the zip panels and patting them into shape. The zips should be loosened, to let the air flow, for a thorough plump. Cushions should be reversed over and swapped end to end on sofas.

Duck Feather (and Feather & Down)
Regular maintenance: plumping whenever used to maintain shape. A luxurious, natural filling, that offers a “sinking in” feeling. Providing good back support, durability and warmth, duck feather is naturally fire retardant. We use the superior quality of duck feathers, which naturally has more loft, giving longerlasting comfort and cushion shape retention. Duck feather is a higher maintenance option, needing daily plumping to retain shape. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to drop the cushion onto a clean floor immediately pushing air back into it.

Types of coverings Velvets (& Chenille)

All velvets and many chenilles will suffer from pressure marks, due to the pile. This is a normal characteristic and would not be considered as a fabric fault. This will not affect the performance of the fabric which, in general, is extremely durable and long-lasting.


Linen is 100% natural, made from the flax plant and is two to three times as strong as silk or cotton. This creates a subtle sheen, when woven together in a textile. Linen fabric is breathable and durable. The natural fibres of the flax give it a slubby appearance (raised, pronounced group of threads throughout the fabric) and it does easily crease. These are normal characteristics and not a fault. This will not affect the performance of the fabric.


Leather should be cleaned with a soft, clean, slightly damp cloth and conditioned regularly (using our recommended products for your specific leather), to keep the leather subtle. You will need to dust it regularly, vacuum out the crevices and clean spills immediately by blotting excess liquid with a clean, absorbent cloth and water-based cleaner. Do not soak or rub, dab gently. Atmospheric contamination and dust, if allowed to build up, will cause premature wear and fading. We recommend that all items of furniture be cleaned at the same time, to prevent a colour variation between cleaned and uncleaned parts.