Harrison Spinks

For more than 180 years, family-run bed manufacturer Harrison Spinks, have been handcrafting premium, luxury mattresses. Using traditional methods, the team of skilled craftsmen and women collectively produce innovative and sustainably conscious designs in one of Britain’s most established bed making manufacturers.

The fifth-generation family manufacturer maintains a belief that a healthy, natural sleep, starts with healthy and natural materials. Harrison Spinks are unique in that they are the only UK bedmaker to use materials from their Yorkshire farm.

Luxurious Fillings

The team at Harrison Spinks are experts at sourcing the finest responsibly produced fillings. These mattresses feature soft, springy British wool.

What are the benefits?

  • Wick away moisture
  • Helps to regulate body temperature
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Fire retardant

The sumptuous mattress makers also offer a range of fillings, like silk, cashmere, hemp, alpaca, flax, cotton, and Egyptian cotton.

Innovation Never Sleeps

100% recyclable, the springs in the Harrison Spinks mattresses are designed and manufactured to the highest standard with their patented innovative technology. The award-winning Advanced Cortec Quad, offers a high degree of comfort – whilst the HD Micro Springs adapt to your body’s contours to relieve pressure and provide greater comfort and lumbar support.

Mattress Options

Each luxurious mattress seamlessly blends nature and technology for perfect posture, support, and luxury.

  • Turn Free

    Designed with natural fillings over our innovative spring systems, the Turn Free mattress provides ample comfort and longevity as it is built to last – without having to turn it over.

  • Dual Sided

    Get the most from the Dual Sided mattress. With fillings on both sides and two sleeping features, this luxurious mattress provides double the comfort.

  • Pillowtop

    The Pillowtop mattress has an additional sumptuous topper that cradles you whilst you sleep.

Mattress Descriptions

Explore Harrison Spinks range of mattresses. Every mattress features the award winning Cortec™ Quad pocket springs.

  • Buckingham 5750

    Offering a carefully hand-layered combination of natural fillings and two layers of 2500 High Density pocket springs, the Buckingham 5750 is a single sided mattress which does not need turning. Soft and spring British wool and absorbent hemp, and flax fillings create a breathable, temperature regulating luxury mattress.

  • Balmoral Pillowtop 9250

    For sumptuous comfort, the team at Harrison Spinks have combined not only soft and springy British wool and absorbent hemp, and flax fillings, but have incorporated temperature regulating properties. With a layer of 2500 High Density pocket springs and a further layer of 5000 High Density pocket springs, the Balmoral is a single sided Pillowtop mattress, which does not need to be turned.

  • Kensington 15750

    Curated using durable British wool, hemp, and flax, along with cooling, fine strands of Egyptian cotton, the Kensington is a Dual Sided mattress that requires turning – for the most ample comfort. Both sides are layered with natural fillings and 2500 and 4000 High Density pocket springs, and Posturfil for the ultimate support.

  • Highgrove Pillowtop 18250

    The Highgrove is curated using British wool, hemp, and flax along with cooling, fine strands of Egyptian cotton. With a combination of 2500, 4000, and 5000 High Density pocket springs, the Highgrove provides sumptuous comfort and support – built to last.

  • Clarence 29750

    The Clarence is a Dual Sided mattress that requires turning. With its Posturfil, British wool, hemp, flax, and cooling Egyptian cotton that surround the 2500 and 4000 High Density pocket springs, the Clarence provides ample support with longevity.