Visit Us: Experience true comfort in our Delcor showrooms


There’s something special about being able to touch and feel furniture before you make a purchase. At Delcor, we invite you to visit our showrooms to experience the quality and comfort of our sofa beds firsthand. Discover why a visit to one of our locations can enhance your shopping experience and ensure you choose the perfect sofa bed for your home.

Why visit a Delcor showroom?

Personalised Service:

Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer any questions you might have, from specific product details to general decor advice. They can help guide your choice based on your space, style, and budget.

Experience the Quality:

Feel the materials, test the mechanisms, and sit or lie down on our sofa beds to experience their comfort level yourself. There’s no substitute for experiencing the texture and firmness of our products in person.

See the Full Range:

Our showrooms display a wide variety of sofa bed models and configurations that you might not see online. This allows you to compare different styles and sizes directly, helping you visualize how they’ll look in your own home.

What to expect during your visit:

Explore our showrooms

Spend time exploring our showrooms to learn about the latest additions to our collection, the benefits of different models, and the custom options available.

Live Demonstrations:

Our design consultants will show you how easily our sofa beds can be transformed from stylish sofas into comfortable beds. Understand the mechanics and appreciate the ease of use that Delcor offers. They will also demonstrate how to effectively care for your seat and back interior cushions.

Making the most of your visit:

Bring Measurements:

Come prepared with measurements of your space to discuss with our team. This will help in selecting a sofa bed that fits perfectly in your intended area.

Sample Swatches:

Our design consultants will order you fabric or leather swatches, to see how they look under your home’s lighting and against other furniture pieces.

If you have sample swatches of fabrics from your new scheme, bring them along to find the perfect matches in our collection.

Consultation services:

Take advantage of our design consultation services during your visit. Our experts can help you style your new sofa bed or even redesign your entire living space. For a more personal service, please contact your nearest destination showroom to make an appointment.

Special offers and promotions:

To find out about the latest in-store promotions and discounts available, please sign up for our latest news and updates.

Financing Options:

Learn about our financing options which can make purchasing your dream sofa bed more manageable.


Visiting a Delcor showroom isn’t just about buying a sofa bed—it’s about discovering a piece that perfectly fits your home and lifestyle. Our team is dedicated to helping you find a sofa bed that you will love for years to come.

Plan your visit to one of our Delcor showrooms today and take the first step towards bringing home the sofa bed of your dreams. Experience the difference quality makes in person!