Top 10 Interior Design Trends 2024

As we look ahead to 2024, the world of interior design continues to evolve, bringing fresh, innovative ideas to the forefront. Staying up-to-date with these trends is ideal for anyone looking to infuse their living spaces with both contemporary style and luxury. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 interior design trends for 2024.

1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Designs

Sustainability is more than a trend; it’s a necessity. In 2024, expect to see a rise in eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices in interior design. This includes the use of recycled materials and locally-sourced furnishings. Delcor’s commitment to sustainable production aligns perfectly with this movement, offering luxury sofas that are both stylish and environmentally conscious.

2. Bold Colour Palettes

In 2024, bold and vibrant colours are making a comeback, adding energy and personality to living spaces. Think luxury sofas in daring hues, like those found in our designer sofa collection. Don’t be afraid to add bold features to your living spaces. The great thing about Delcor, is that you can customise your piece to your exact specifications – from fabric to furniture feet style.

3. Multifunctional Spaces

Versatile living areas are becoming increasingly popular in homes – particularly homes that often host guests.

Furniture that can serve multiple purposes, like sofa beds, will be in high demand in 2024. Delcor’s range of luxury sofa beds exemplifies this trend, offering elegance and functionality.

4. Textural Richness

Textures add depth and interest to any space. In 2024, we’ll see a mix of fabrics and materials that create a tactile experience.

At Delcor, our Design Experts can walk you through the design process so you can pick the best fabrics suited to you.

5. Biophilic Design

To complement your textured fabric, incorporate some natural elements into your interior design. This is known as biophilic design. In 2024, you can expect to see more plant life, natural light, and organic materials.

6. Maximalism

Maximalism celebrates abundance, it’s all about bold patterns, rich colours, and eclectic collections. A bespoke, statement-making sofa from Delcor can be the centrepiece in a maximalist décor. You can do this by utilising our range of fabrics to get that perfect maximalist design. How about pairing statement armchairs with a subtler sofa print? Or, you can also make your home décor stand out by mixing exciting prints throughout your home.

7. Smart Homes

Technology integration in home design is on the rise. Many homes now have smart devices to control lights in their homes. 

This is a great chance to play around with lighting, warmth, and colours to complement your furniture in 2024. Plus, you can relax on your luxury furniture whilst changing the ambiance at the click of a button.

8. Vintage and Retro Revival

There’s a growing appreciation for vintage and retro styles, blending old with new. Incorporating a timeless Chesterfield Sofa from Delcor can perfectly capture this trend. Also, at Delcor, if you have any older pieces from Delcor, we have a service dedicated to refurbishing your piece! This way, you can revive your Delcor furniture, and fall in love with it all over again.

9. Minimalism with a Twist

Minimalism remains popular, but with a twist – it’s now more about ‘warm minimalism’, combining clean lines with warm, inviting colours. Our range of modern luxury sofas fits this trend beautifully, offering sleek designs with a cosy feel.

10. Handcrafted Details

The appreciation for handcrafted details in furniture is growing.

Delcor’s bespoke sofas, armchairs, footstools and much more are handcrafted by skilled artisans. They are truly a testament to this trend, offering uniqueness and quality that mass-produced pieces can’t match.

The world of interior design is ever-evolving, and 2024 is set to bring exciting trends that blend style, functionality, and sustainability. Whether you’re embracing bold colours, multifunctional spaces, or artisanal craftsmanship, Delcor has a luxury sofa to complement every trend and style. Explore our collections to find the perfect sofa to bring these 2024 trends into your home.

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