Summer interior trends for 2024.

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Decorating your home this Summer.

If the weather is not co-operating this Summer, at least you can bring a bit of this years Summer trends into your home!

Botanical prints

Embrace the beauty of nature with botanical prints in fabrics, wallpapers or artwork.  Rich florals can be in the luxe style of this fabric from Clarke and Clarke Exotica that we have used on our Earl chair. Or perhaps you could choose classical prints from Sanderson or Warner House.

Delcor-bespoke-luxury-chair-meticulously handcrafted in Britain-choose from over 10,000 fabrics-including velvets-leathers-vast array of patterned and plain materials-available in a broad spectrum of colours-including grey-cream-blue-purple-red-green-and more-each piece showcases timeless design and comfort.

Photo: The Earl chair is a perfect small occasional chair.

Indoor-outdoor living.

Blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. Use large windows, bi-fold doors with lightweight sheer fabrics for drapes. For garden rooms and conservatories use calming natural fabrics and accessorise with botanical print or canework style print scatters.

Create spaces that give the sense of outdoor living indoors for times of inclement weather! Spend time relaxing in a space you create for yourself.

Photo: Choose the Magnum sofa for the ultimate in relaxed comfort with its fully sprung base.

Playful patterns

Vibrant geometric shapes and whimsical floral prints are in. Mix and match patterns to infuse energy and cheerfulness into your space, both indoors and outdoors.

Quiet luxury

Why not opt for understated elegance. Choose earthy colour palettes, natural stone surfaces and warmer toned woods-especially in cabinet furniture. Velvet always gives a rich luxurious feel to this styling-choose from neutral tones from a wide range of colours to design your ideal Delcor piece. Take time to create a luxurious yet serene atmosphere.

Luxurious-bespoke-Delcor-sofas-handcrafted in Britain-available in two and half seater-three-seater-four- seater. Extensive fabric selection-over 10,000 options-including plush velvets-fine leathers-diverse patterned or plain fabrics-colour palette including, red, green, black, white, grey blue, purple, yellow, cream and more

Photo: Classic styling with the Oxford sofa. A neat sofa perfect for garden rooms.

Maximalism and personalisation

Don’t shy away from bold choices! Layer textures, mix patterns and express your unique style. This is your chance to create something totally unique for you and your home. Enjoy the creative process at Delcor. Our talented design consultants will be delighted to help you to choose something very special.

Photo: The Ambassador sofa has timeless appeal. Create something showstopping with this printed velvet from Linwood.

Remember, these trends are all about creating a comfortable, inviting space that celebrates the season and showcases your individual choices.

Enjoy decorating your home this Summmer!

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