Spring Interior Design Trends 2024

Spring is a great time to freshen up your interior design. As 2024 begins, distinct trends are to bring new life to home interiors. This guide will delve into the spring interior design trends for 2024, highlighting how Delcor’s luxury sofas and furniture can harmonise with this seasonal change.

Embrace Light and Airy Colours

Freshness and renewal are the hallmarks of spring. The blossoming outdoors will inspire light, airy colours such as pastel blues, greens, and pinks. A luxury sofa or armchair in a soft hue can be the perfect addition to bring this spring vitality indoors.

The Chelsea Loose Back Sofa

With hand-finished detailing and its unique pleating on the arms, this sofa is a beautiful addition to any home. Charming, deeply inviting, and full of character.

Choose Natural Materials and Botanical Themes

Spring is a time when nature is at its best. You can expect to see a lot of natural materials like linen, cotton, and light wood. Floral patterns and botanical themes are also perfect for spring, mirroring the awakening of nature. By incorporating these patterns into your sofa upholstery or cushions, your living room will feel vibrant.

This Spring, why not refresh your space with plants and greenery? Your room will feel brighter! Plants bring a natural energy to any home.

Seasonal trends in interior design are a wonderful opportunity to refresh and redefine your living space. Embracing the fresh, vibrant tones of spring, you can get creative and spruce up your home with light coloured pieces and floral designs. 

Dive into our luxury furniture collections and find the ideal piece to make your home a stylish haven all year round.