Introducing The Mountbatten Chair | Delcor’s First Riser-Recliner Chair

The Mountbatten is a new innovative product from Delcor. For many years we have been asked to create a recliner chair to compliment our range of hand-crafted upholstered furniture. After years of time and research. To now, offering our customers the best in riser-recliner furniture. Our new chair, the Mountbatten is the first of many more innovative products that will ultimately form part of a full range of powered upholstered furniture.

The Inspiration Behind The Mountbatten

Jeff Harris, the owner of Delcor, has a personal reason behind the inspiration for the Mountbatten.

When visiting his elderly Aunt, he noticed that the rising and reclining chair she was using looked uncomfortable. Like most family members of loved ones, he wanted the best choice for his Aunt, and therefore spent time looking at existing ranges in the marketplace. Jeff realised that although there is a wide range of products in this sector, they left much to be desired when it came to design, and were not very good quality.

Jeff tasked our development team at Delcor to create a new riser-recliner chair that would form part of a larger range by Delcor to offer the ease of use and aid of riser-recliners with the quality and comfort of Delcor furniture. A chair that would tone and blend beautifully with our customer’s furniture, not stick out and look unattractive in their homes. These new products would combine the latest in convenient operation and action with Delcor’s high quality model construction, comfort and attention to detail.

The development of new models is a thoughtful process. It takes time to hone the new concept product and to make sure it conforms the very best and highest standards like our other models.

Steve is our factory manager, but he is also head of development and has been personally responsible for many of our best loved models having worked at Delcor for 34 years.

Steve and his team have worked tirelessly to create the Mountbatten Riser Recliner chair. It has undergone many trials and tests before we were confident it would take its place in our showrooms. The Mountbatten is unusual for our development team because unlike our other furniture it features a mechanism to create the rising reclining feature. This added an extra dimension for the team, as they needed to factor in the mechanism’s actions, behaviour and dimensions to the chosen design. Steve has worked in the furniture industry for 48 years. He understands the construction, mechanics and design that go into creating new models of furniture.

Steve explains,

‘What sets us apart from other companies is our attention to detail and the fact that we use the very best materials i.e., timber, seat and back interiors and even the springs. Many of our furniture designs feature spring units, not many companies use these now as they are expensive.’

Steve spends time researching new projects and models by studying the marketplace for new trends and styles. Like all fashion trends and styles, they come and go, so we always strive to create new models and designs that have a classic timeless edge to them. Of course, many of our models have remained classic styles for many years and continue to be popular choices. By choosing from our extensive range of fabrics these classic models can feel very up-to-date in today’s homes.

All of our frames are created with the highest quality hardwood, and we are confident to guarantee these for 50 years. We offer the mechanism we chose for the Mountbatten’s strength and durability with a 5-year guarantee. Also, the handset has a twelve month guarantee and can be replaced.

To find out more about our Mountbatten Riser Recliner Chair, or any of our other Delcor products, browse our website, get in touch with us or visit your Destination Showroom.