Inside Delcor House | Our Seaton Delaval Showroom

Explore Delcor House, our Seaton Delaval Showroom. Home to our furniture workshop, nestled in the heart of Northumberland. It is where all of our furniture is handcrafted to your individual specifications. At Delcor, we have always had a family atmosphere, in many cases we have known one another and worked together for years, and even decades!

The one thing we all have in common is the desire to create the very best furniture for our customers. We all care about our products and share the same dedication to fulfilling the highest standards. Whether you have ordered your Delcor furniture here in Northumberland, Stamford, Altrincham or our Kings Road store in London, your items will be handcrafted here in Northumberland. 

Our workshop staff are the very definition of craftspeople; years of collective experience and care go into the creation of all Delcor furniture.

The History of Delcor House

Our home: Delcor House was built in the 1830s for the local coal mine owner. The house is a great example of Georgian architecture with its symmetrical form featuring multi-pane windows and a grand entrance.

Seen left: The sweeping original staircase in the entrance hall with its impressive arched window behind gives an insight into the house’s occupants’ earlier lifestyle.

Later, the house was used for many years by the National Coal Board to house offices and research. Over the years, we have met many former employees of the Coal Board who have described these times to us. One customer of ours used to work here, analysing coal. His desk was based near the window in what is now our front showroom. 

We have also met several members of the original typing pool! Many of the surrounding buildings in Double Row also belonged to the Coal Board and are still used today by several other companies. One of our neighbours: Dallas Carpets, is housed in what was the vast engine house which serviced and repaired the locomotive engines.

Delcor House is now Grade 2 listed.

In our early photos you can see the house heavily marked by coal before the exterior was professionally cleaned in the 1970s.

Becoming Delcor’s Seaton Delaval Showroom

When Delcor House became our Seaton Delaval Showroom, many years ago, we had showrooms upstairs and offices downstairs. Nowadays, our offices are upstairs where all our customers’ orders are processed and checked over thoroughly – it also houses our accounts department and customer services! Today, Delcor House’s showrooms are based on the ground floor. Our furniture is displayed in several rooms which lend themselves beautifully to show our finest upholstery in elegant surroundings.

Delcor House is the home of our showroom where you will find our extensive range of furniture. It also houses our design studio which has a wonderful range of fabrics from many leading companies. Here you will be able to make your own individual choices and create some wonderful pieces for your home. If it all seems rather daunting, do not worry! Our trained showroom staff will be ready to guide you to choose your perfect Delcor furniture.

From your choice of fabric, your perfect seat and back cushion interior fillings, leg choices, you can create something totally individual to you and your home.

Seen left: Delcor House is the home of our Design Studio.

Delcor’s Northeast Heritage

No other company can offer you all these wonderful choices. We offer the very finest upholstered furniture, hand crafted here in Northumberland. We have been creating the very highest quality furniture since 1967. We are proud of our long heritage, and we are dedicated to continuing our legacy for the future.

We are located in Seaton Delaval, near the coastal village of Seaton Sluice and close by to Seaton Delaval Hall, the home of the famous Delaval family. The Hall is now cared for by the National Trust and is well worth a visit when you come to see us at Delcor.

Seen left: Seaton Delaval Hall, home of the famous Delaval family.

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