How to Style a Room Around a Statement Sofa

Statement sofa

When it comes to a living room, one of the first things people tend to notice is the sofa. With that said, if you want to make a statement you should choose a sofa that stands out and draws in the eye. Nothing makes a statement like bold patterns and bright colours, another thing to consider is the size and shape of your furniture. For larger living rooms, you’ll want to make a statement with size so that your sofa doesn’t get lost in the surrounding space. 

A statement piece of furniture is central to the room’s overall design and can really bring a space to life. You will then need to style the rest of the room to complement that piece so that the space doesn’t become too overbearing. Not only will your statement sofa become the focal point for your living room, it also provides an opportunity to inject a sense of your personality into the space, which is important to people who really want to make their house a home. 

Although you might feel slightly intimidated by the prospect of styling an entire room around one piece of furniture, rest assured, it can certainly be done. With that said, don’t feel like you need to play it safe. What’s more, comfort and style aren’t mutually exclusive, so don’t feel like you have to compromise one for the other. Your statement sofa can still be functional and homely, while oozing chic style at the same time.

Making Your Sofa Stand Out

When it comes to a statement sofa, the bolder the better. Vibrant fabrics, bright colours and unique patterns are just a few of your options. However, it’s true that working with bolder designs can be a little tricky because there’s a risk that they’ll be too dramatic. It’s all about striking the right balance. For a modern, contemporary home with plenty of space, you might want to consider a corner sofa. They allow you to create different zones within your living room, with a natural partition. 

One way to make your sofa stand out without becoming too overpowering is to opt for more subdued coloured paints for the walls around it, such as white or grey. Essentially, you want to prevent your sofa and walls from competing for attention. You should also consider the lighting in the room; ceiling lights are a great way to create a calming effect which allows your sofa to be the star of the show.

Investing in a Quality Frame

While the design is crucial, the quality of your sofa is another important element to consider. If you want your sofa to stand the test of time, be sure to invest in a superior quality frame that will see you through many years of lounging. The frames of cheaper sofas may be manufactured with particleboard, metal, or plastic, but a quality sofa will likely have a solid hardwood frame. Check the guarantee offered by the manufacturer before you commit.  At Delcor, we use the best possible materials to custom build your sofa and happily offer a 50-year guarantee

Including Throws and Cushions

What’s a statement sofa without a sophisticated cushion arrangement and stylish throw? If you do want to dress your sofa with throws and cushions, it’s wise to opt for neutral shades that will soften the otherwise contemporary scheme, as discussed above with regards to the walls. Fussy soft furnishings atop a statement sofa will make the space feel cluttered and overwhelming. However, if you do have some beautifully detailed cushions, bring those to the front so that they stand out and keep the bigger, softer ones at the back. For smaller sofas, try not to overdo it with the cushions; two or three should be plenty. 

If you’re aiming to create a tidy, polished look, fold your throw and drape it over the back of your sofa or even over the arm. Not only are throws a fantastic visual representation of comfort and cosiness, they also provide a practical element for when the temperature drops. 

Adding a Coffee Table

Nothing goes hand in hand like a statement sofa and a contemporary coffee table. While choosing a coffee table might seem like a straightforward task, ensuring it suits your sofa is a bit more complicated. The colour is crucial, as it will need to complement your sofa, but you will also need to think about things like the height, length and width. Try and choose something that is either the same height or a couple of inches lower than the cushions on your sofa. Opting for a round coffee table is a clever styling trick because it encourages sociability, much like a round dining table. 

If you’re still not sure where to start, it would be a good idea to visit a showroom for some inspiration. Not only will you be able to visualise how your living room will potentially look, you’ll also be able to talk through your requirements with an experienced designer.