How to Make My Bed Look Luxurious

Luxurious Bed

There’s no denying that we, as human beings, spend a large proportion of our time sleeping, so there’s no wonder that some of us are a little more ostentatious when it comes to our bedrooms. A good night’s sleep is priceless, so you won’t regret investing in a luxurious bed, from the throws and pillows right down to the mattress and frame. While you don’t need to place a mini chocolate on your pillow each day, with a little extra care and attention your bed will look like something from a 5-star hotel in no time.

A Quality Bed Frame

If you’re choosing a completely new bed, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed with all of your options. The best place to start is with a quality frame. It’s easy to assume that where comfort is concerned, the mattress is the most important consideration, but the frame also determines the overall firmness of your sleeping surface. 

While a new mattress might be a sizable investment, it’s crucial for a good night’s sleep, which can then maintain and improve your overall health. Much like the frame, Delcor offers a range of handmade, pocket sprung mattresses, made-to-measure your exact specifications. Comfort is subjective, with some people preferring a firm mattress and others opting for something a little softer. Whatever your preferences, it’s important to find a mattress that feels right for you. Working towards your goal of creating a bed that’s the envy of all luxury magazines doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the comfort.  

The Headboard

One fantastic and reasonably inexpensive way to add a touch of luxury and practicality to your bed is to consider a padded headboard. Not only do they protect your walls from wear and tear, and cover scuffs, they also make a statement. They keep you warmer in winter by guarding you against the coolness of the wall, while also ensuring that your pillows stay put. What’s more, a headboard can provide a sense of comfort and support for those cosy nights when you want to read in bed or scroll through your phone. What’s not to like? You can then plan your bedding around your headboard so that they complement one another, making your bed the focal point of the room.

Pillows & Linen

When it comes to your pillows, we say the more the merrier. Adorn your bed with an array of elegant cushions to achieve a truly magnificent look. You might not end up sleeping on all of them but they ooze a sense of comfort and relaxation that we all require from our bedrooms. Place the tallest pillows at the back and move forward in order of height.

Try and get into the habit of making your bed each morning, as this will allow you to maintain the sense of luxury you’re hoping to achieve while also supporting your mental health. When doing so, make sure it’s wrinkle-free for a pristine finish; you can actually buy bed linen that doesn’t crease, so this might be something to look into. Hotels typically opt for white bed linen because it conveys cleanliness, which is easy to replicate at home. If you want to make your bed look soft and fluffy, you might want to invest in a thick mattress cover to plump it up.

A luxury throw or blanket will finish the look and tie everything together. There are lots of ways to style your bed with a fabulous throw; fold it at the end of your bed or layer on top of the duvet, whatever works for you. You can neatly fold it away, along with your extra cushions, into a stylish blanket box if you prefer a tidier, more pristine finish. 

Your Bedside

We’re all guilty of overindulging in clutter at the side of our beds from time to time. Unfortunately, luxury and clutter do not go hand in hand, so you might want to invest some time in reorganising your bedside and storing away anything that isn’t essential. With the newfound space, you can accessorise in a way that assists your aim in creating an elegant bedroom. A stylish table lamp and a sentimental photo will frame your bed perfectly. 

Delcor has five incredible destination showrooms across the UK if you’re looking for some inspiration. Pay us a visit at your earliest convenience and we can talk you through your options and discuss your requirements.