How to create a cosy home

Make my bed comfy

Most homeowners aspire to create a space that is inviting and cosy; an attractive and comfortable environment that allows you to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. We live in such a fast paced world and there’s rarely enough time to really step away and take time for yourself, which is why it’s important to decorate and furnish your home in a way that invites you to retreat and rest. Fortunately, there are lots of ways you can achieve this, as explored below.

Start in the Entrance Hall

No matter how big or small your hallway, it’s the first room you’ll enter after you’ve been out and about, and the first space your guests will see when paying you a visit. Essentially, it will set the tone for how people feel upon entering your home, including yourself. With this in mind, you shouldn’t neglect your entrance hall when it comes to creating a cosy atmosphere. A welcome sign or doormat will make the space feel more inviting, and a piece of artwork on the wall will allow you to incorporate your personality into the space. You could even make some space for a plant, succulent or fresh flowers in your hallway, which are great for improving your mood and reducing the likelihood of stress and depression. It’s also wise to keep clutter to a minimum, so consider investing in a shoe cupboard or rack to keep the space neat and tidy.

Invest in a Comfortable Couch

Nothing is more cosy than nestling down on a comfy sofa, adorned with a soft throw and some plush cushions. The sofa is typically the staple of any living space and can really determine how cosy and relaxing the space feels, so choosing wisely will truly elevate the room. For bigger living rooms, it would be a good idea to choose a larger sofa so that it doesn’t get lost in the space. Large empty spaces don’t tend to feel particularly cosy. A big sofa will also allow you to put your feet up and relax. As well as size, the fabric you choose will also determine how cosy the sofa feels. Of course, everyone has a personal preference when it comes to fabrics and colours, which is why we offer bespoke furniture that is tailor made to suit your requirements down to a tee.

Cover Your Windows

If you have big windows in your cosy spaces, such as your bedroom or living room, it would be wise to invest in some window treatments, such as blinds and curtains. Bare, cold windows can prevent the space from feeling snug and safe, and they also allow heat to escape which can cause a draught. Display photo frames on your window sills to add a personal touch and help your windows feel less exposed. 

Consider Wooden Elements

Wood is a really great way to add a sense of warmth and cosiness to a space. This could be anything from wooden paneling on the wall, to adding wood furnishings and accents. For instance, you could consider a quality wooden bed frame.

Add Some Rugs

When your feet first touch the floor after climbing out of bed or rising from the sofa, you’ll want to be greeted with a soft, warm surface. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to lay a new carpet down in every room; a soft rug will do the trick!

Consider the Lighting

The way you light up your home will really impact how cosy it feels. Bright ceiling lights rarely result in a feeling of snug safety, so it’s better to opt for soft bulbs and warm shades. Dimmer switches are also great for helping you achieve a cosy vibe, as they will allow you to adjust the level of light so that you can achieve the right ambiance. Layering your lighting is also a good idea, because it will allow you to adapt the atmosphere depending on the mood you’re going for and of course, what time it is. With that said, team up your central ceiling pendant with table and floor lamps. Candlelight is also a lovely way to give your home a sense of warmth and cosiness 

Don’t Forget Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is another important room in the house that you shouldn’t neglect if you’re hoping to achieve a cosy atmosphere. As it’s the room in which you rest and recuperate, you won’t regret investing in a luxurious bed, teamed with calming colours and natural materials. It’s also a good idea to try and make your bedroom a tech-free zone, so that you can truly unplug and relax. Cover surfaces with books and plants instead, for a more calming and cosy ambiance. 

Delcor has five remarkable destination showrooms throughout the UK if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to make your home feel more cosy. We can help you choose suitable furniture, so be sure to pay us a visit whenever is convenient and we can talk you through your options and discuss your requirements.