How to Choose the Perfect Delcor Sofa Bed: A Buyer’s Guide to Features, Styles, and Comfort

Photo: The classical good looks of our Designer sofa bed.

Choosing the right sofa bed can transform your living space into a versatile, stylish, and comfortable environment. At Delcor, we understand the importance of selecting a piece that not only fits your space but also complements your lifestyle. This guide will walk you through the essential factors to consider when selecting your ideal sofa bed, ensuring that you find a perfect match from our exquisite collection.

Assessing Your Needs:

Before diving into the vast array of options, it’s crucial to understand your specific needs:

Space Constraints: Measure your available space to ensure the sofa bed fits when both folded and unfolded.

Frequency of Use: Consider how often the bed will be used. Daily use requires durable materials and a robust frame.

Primary Function: Will it serve more as a sofa or a bed? This affects the type of mattress and seating support you should look for.

Choosing the Right Style:

Delcor offers a range of styles to suit any decor:

Traditional: Perfect for classic decor, these sofa beds often feature classical details, such as rounded arms such as the Designer sofa bed and the Lofa sofa bed.

Modern: Ideal for contemporary spaces, modern sofa beds emphasize clean lines and minimalistic designs. A perfect example is the Sundance sofa bed, or the Boxer sofa bed.

Casual: Great for everyday use, casual sofa beds blend comfort with simple, fuss-free design. The Magnum sofa bed is ideal for this decor choice.

Photo: The square arms of the Boxer sofabed offer a more modern style

Selecting the Material:

The choice of upholstery can impact both the appearance and functionality of your sofa bed:

Leather: Durable and easy to clean, leather is ideal for a sleek, upscale look.

Fabric: Offers endless color and texture options, providing versatility and warmth.

Performance Fabrics: Best for high-traffic areas or homes with pets and children, these are designed for durability and ease of maintenance.

Comfort is Key:

A good sofa bed should be comfortable both as a sofa and as a bed:

Mattress Quality: Look for thick, high-quality mattresses that provide support and comfort.

Seating Cushions: Ensure they are plush and regain their shape to keep the sofa looking fresh.

Mechanisms: Opt for easy-to-use mechanisms that make the transition from sofa to bed seamless.

Feature Highlights:

All Delcor sofa beds share the same high quality strong bed action. It is easy to use, the action features a cantilever movement, easy to pull out and to retract back.

The sofa beds are offered in small double, standard double and Queen size. For dimensions, please visit the product pages for the models that interest you.

Photo: The easy to use sofa bed action is universal to all our models. Here is is in our Lofa sofa bed.

Additional tip!

Remember all of our sofa bed models have matching sofas and chairs. You can therefore, add a sofa bed to a scheme with other matching items of furniture. With Delcor there is a world of choice. Explore our full range of beautiful styles.

Why Delcor?

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart:

Bespoke Options: Customize your sofa bed to perfectly fit your home with our range of custom fabrics and finishes.

Craftsmanship: Every Delcor sofa bed is handcrafted in the UK, using only the finest materials and techniques.

Warranty and Support: We stand behind our products with comprehensive warranties and dedicated customer service.


Choosing the perfect sofa bed means balancing style, comfort, and functionality. At Delcor, our diverse range of sofa beds ensures that no matter your needs or tastes, there is a perfect option waiting for you.

Ready to find your perfect sofa bed? Visit your nearest destination showroom to experience the comfort and style of Delcor sofa beds firsthand, or explore our collection online and start enjoying a more versatile living space today.