How to Choose the Perfect Armchair?

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Choosing an armchair might seem like a simple pursuit; you just spot one you like and go for it, perhaps? In actual fact, if you want to make the perfect choice – one that you’ll be happy with for years to come – there are lots of factors to consider. Whether you’re hoping to make a statement or you want a cosy spot to enjoy a good book after work, there are certain elements you should think about. For instance, how high would you like the backrest to be? Are you looking for something with or without armrests? How comfortable is the chair? What colour would you like it to be? The good news is, when picking out a sofa you’ll usually have to consider the needs of other people that will be using it, but with an armchair your decision can be based solely on your own preferences. 


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What Colour Armchair Should I Choose?

Your armchair doesn’t necessarily have to be the same colour as your sofas, but you’ll want something that will complement them. If you’re hoping for an accent armchair that will stand out and create a focal point, you’ll want to choose something with a contrasting fabric and colour to your sofa. Try and pick out a recurring colour; something that already features in the room in your artwork or other decor and soft furnishings. This will allow you to make an impact without having a chair that looks out of place in the space. 

Of course, the colour you choose will depend on what type of ambience you are hoping to achieve. For instance, dark greens and blues work well together if you want the space to feel classic and elegant. If you have a beige sofa and want a chair that truly stands out, perhaps consider navy or burgundy. Dark grey sofas work well with mustard or blush pink.

Alternatively, if you want your armchair to match the interior perfectly, pick something that’s the same colour as your sofa but perhaps a different shade e.g. darker or lighter. You’ll be able to make a statement with the shape and style of the armchair if you’re going for a more neutral colour palette. 

A darker colour might seem more practical, but if you’re placing it near a window with bright sunlight, the colour might fade. If you’re keen on a white or very pale colour, you might want to choose something with a removable cover that you can wash. 

The pattern on the fabric is something else you’ll need to think about. If you plan to make a statement with your armchair, an interesting pattern is a bold choice. However, if you’re not feeling brave enough you can always choose a block colour and then accessorise with patterned cushions or a throw.

The good news is, at Delcor, our bespoke armchairs begin as a blank canvas and you can choose the fabric and colours to suit your style and preferences. We will help you bring your vision to life. 

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What Size and Style Should My Armchair Be?

When it comes to furniture in any room of the house, size is crucial. After all, you don’t want an armchair that will dominate the space and make it feel cramped; it needs to fit naturally with the rest of the furniture. Of course, the armchair needs to reflect your sense of style and personality, but it also needs to suit your home. With that said, be sure to carefully measure the height, width and depth of the space in which you plan to place the chair and stick to those measurements.

The style will also depend on what you’re going to be using the chair for. Are you placing it in the living room where it will be used on a regular basis, and will therefore need to be comfortable and withstand some wear and tear? The Delcor Carlton Armchair would be a great choice in these circumstances, as they are versatile and complement traditional decor. Go for something with a high backrest if you’re going to be using the chair to nurse a baby or relax with your new novel. If the chair will be placed in your bedroom to make a statement and add a pop of colour,  then perhaps something like our Earl Armchair would be a better option. This is great for adding style and timeless elegance to any space. 

You should even think about the legs of the chair. If you’re going for something with wooden legs, try to ensure they match with other wooden items in the space, such as the coffee table or bookcase. Our showroom experts will be able to help you choose the right style and size for your custom armchair, and we go the extra mile to support those who have limited or awkward living spaces with an on-site assembly service. You’ll be able to put your feet up and relax with the assurance of a 50-year guarantee. 

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What about an occasional chair?

Perhaps you would like a smaller occasional chair? Perfect for a corner or perhaps a bedroom? We have a range of occasional chairs that can act as a statement piece, or just extra seating when visitors come. You can have fun choosing from a world of vibrant fabrics to create something special for your home. Visit your nearest destination showroom to explore more of our range, our friendly design consultants will be delighted to help you create something totally unique for your home.

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