How to choose a left or right corner sofa

Left or right handed corner sofa

If you have visited our blog before, you’ll know by now that choosing a sofa isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. You can’t just pop into a store and pick one you like, you have to consider the size, shape, fabric, colour, quality and a whole host of other factors to ensure you’re making the right choice that you won’t regret in a few months. You might have even considered a corner sofa, which would be a fantastic choice for many reasons. Of course, they provide more seating space which is ideal if you have a big family or often entertain guests, but they do so in an efficient way that actually preserves floor space. Having two separate sofas or multiple armchairs would take up far more room in your lounge to achieve the same amount of seating, and will likely add up to become more costly. What’s more, corner sofas are comfortable and stylish, and they encourage socialisation by bringing everyone together. 

When it comes to other types of furniture, you usually don’t have to worry about which direction it is pointing, and establishing symmetry tends to be quite a simple process. However, when it comes to a corner sofa you will need to choose wisely. Do you want a right hand corner sofa or a left hand corner sofa? After all, you don’t want to block access or make the space difficult to navigate. Don’t worry, we’re here to help make your decision a little easier with the following advice…

What’s the Difference Between Right and Left Corner Sofas?

Most corner sofas are L-shaped and have a shorter edge and a longer edge, which is important depending on how your room is laid out. The easiest way to identify whether the corner sofa is right or left is by looking at it face on. If the shorter edge (that is protruding towards you)  is to your right, then it’s a right hand sofa. If this is to your left, then it’s a left hand sofa.

Of course, these types of sofas are designed to fit neatly in a corner, but we know that every space is different. With that said, be very careful when measuring the space, considering how many seats you actually require, as well as how wide and deep you’d like the sofa to be. We are well aware that there is no “one size fits all” rule when it comes to sofas, which is why we offer bespoke designs that are uniquely tailored to suit your requirements.

How Do I Know If I Need a Left or Right Hand Corner Sofa?

If you are positioning the sofa in the corner of a room, then choosing a right or left hand sofa should be a simple decision, depending on which wall has more space. The shorter edge would go against the shorter wall.  On the other hand, if you’re not placing the sofa against a wall, it might be a little more complicated to figure out the best option. You’ll need to think about how you’re using the rest of the space; where is the door located? Where is the TV placed? Ideally you’ll want the longer section to face the TV so that the majority of people can easily see it, but then you’ll need to be careful that the shorter section isn’t blocking anything. That being said, you could use the corner section to divide the room and create separate zones, which is ideal if you’re placing it in an open-plan kitchen/living room.

You could consider a modular sofa to make life a little easier, as this will provide you with a higher level of flexibility. Modular sofas come in individual, separate pieces which you can put together however you please to suit any modern living space, regardless of size. Delcor can help you with this, as we are able to reassemble any furniture you buy from us on-site. 

It might be a good idea to use masking tape on your floor to create a guide of where your sofa will sit, as this will help you determine whether a corner sofa will actually work well or even fit comfortably in the space. As mentioned above, all of our sofas are hand-made to measure to meet your exact specifications on size and shape. This will ensure you are fully happy with your decision.

Investing in a new sofa is a big and exciting decision and it can really change the way your living room is used. If you’re unsure whether or not a corner sofa is right for you and need help deciding which option is most appropriate, don’t hesitate to get in touch or book a visit for a free design consultation with one of our experts. We even offer a fantastic 50-year guarantee as we are confident our furniture will stand the test of time!