How long does a sofa last?

Edwardian Sofa

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to how long any piece of furniture should last, as it depends on the quality, how often it is used, and how well you take care of it. However, generally speaking, a sofa should last between 7-15 years, on average. For something that typically costs a big sum of money, this might not seem like a particularly long time. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to choose wisely when buying a new sofa and invest in a company you fully trust. After all, you want something that will stand the test of time. 

When Should I Replace My Sofa?

Is your sofa starting to look past its best? Perhaps the fabric is slightly worn or the cushions are sagging? Don’t worry, all of these things are bound to happen, especially in a busy household where wear and tear is inevitable. However, the life expectancy of your sofa will really depend on how much you originally invested in it; a high quality sofa, like the ones provided by Delcor, will be manufactured with more durable materials which will increase its lifespan. 

However, just because your sofa has seen better days, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace it. At Delcor, we offer a refurbishment service which allows us to restore your sofas (and armchairs) to their former glory so that you can fall in love with it all over again. Before you take the plunge and buy a brand new sofa, consider carefully whether or not it can be salvaged. 

Some sofas, of course, will be beyond repair which is how you know it’s time to invest in a new one. Mass-produced, cheaper furniture that is offered by many high street stores, tend to be made with weaker materials and sometimes the cost to repair them can end up being nearly as much as the sofa in the first place. Cheap fabrics can wear thin quickly, or even tear, and a poor quality frame made from particleboard or plastic won’t be able to withstand a lot of weight and pressure.  At Delcor, we use hardwoods for our frames, which stand the test of time. 

If your decorating tastes have changed over the years, this might be another reason to replace your sofa. You might have loved a bold floral print several years ago, but now you prefer simpler decor. Maybe, as your family has grown, you need something bigger. Whatever your specifications, we are here to help. Our sofas are completely bespoke and manufactured to suit your requirements. Nothing is pre-cut; we build our frames using techniques passed down by generations. What’s more, we proudly offer all customers a 50-year guarantee, as we are confident your sofa will last a lifetime. 

How to Choose a Durable Sofa?

If you’re displeased by the likelihood of your new sofa lasting less than 20 years, you might want to invest in something that is more durable. In years gone by, sofas were often the most expensive piece of furniture that a homeowner would buy and they were manufactured using materials that would last for decades. In fact, lots of families would pass down their sofas through generations, because they were that hard-wearing. These sofas were almost always constructed using hardwood, which is why they last such a long time. With that said, you might be inclined to look for a sofa with a hardwood frame. 

It’s also crucial to look for a quality fabric or leather. If leather is your material of choice, try and avoid “bonded leather” or “genuine leather” as these are typically manufactured with glued-together leather scraps which are likely to disintegrate in no time at all. When it comes to fabric, look for something with a higher rub count as this will ensure your sofa looks pristine for longer. If your sofa is going to be located near a window, look for a material that is fade resistant. 

Finally, you’ll also need to think about the density of the sofa cushions, as this will determine how long they last. High density foam is always a good option, but this shouldn’t be confused with firm foam. It’s comfortable, retains its shape, and offers the highest longevity. 

It’s definitely possible to find a sofa with a longer lifespan, as long as you know what to look for and are willing to invest wisely. That’s why we handcraft furniture built to last. We offer free design consultations with our experts who will be able to give you their professional opinion and help you make the right choice. Feel free to book a visit at your earliest convenience.