Furnishing a Small Living Room with Delcor

Making space for furniture in a small living room can prove to be a challenge but, at Delcor, our made-to-measure quality furniture pieces can provide the perfect solution. From making room for a classic sofa to finding the best multi-use furniture, read on to discover our clever tips and tricks that will provide the perfect small living room ideas, suitable for all compact living spaces.

If you’re feeling crammed in your current living space, or are simply looking for an upgrade, it’s best to start by drawing up a list of new furniture and decor that you’ll want to add and plan some layout ideas. Then, shop our stunning collection of living room furniture at Delcor, which comes with a fifty year guarantee*, and will change any living room from a cluttered, dull space into a calm and comfortable living area. For further inspiration, browse our furniture brochure.

Ideas for Small Living Room Decor

How to arrange furniture in a small living room?

Creating a calm space to unwind in that satisfies the eye can be a challenge, but opting for a symmetrical look while staying as minimalist as possible with the help of our stunning range of Delcor living room furniture, will create an aesthetically pleasing and tranquil living environment. 

This design technique, however, requires a good eye as an overly symmetrical appearance can lead to a look that’s too ordinary or basic. To avoid this, keep texture and shape varied, which will add character to your living space. Our bespoke collection of premium textured fabrics featuring thousands of patterns, styles and checks, can add a varied and interesting appearance. With exceptional quality and durability, our high grade upholstery fabrics add a much-needed, unique spark to all kinds of living areas. 

How to make a small living room look bigger?

If you prefer your living space to look bigger, while also adding the Delcor living room essentials, it might be advisable to add built-in shelves, which means if you’re in need of extra storage space, the shelves won’t take up much floor space. Using a smaller coffee table is also recommended, keeping everything compact and minimalist. 

When considering a colour scheme, it’s best to use the same palette, following a tonal colour  scheme throughout, using one main colour, then applying different saturations of that colour across the living space. This will result in your living room feeling bigger, more organised and will look pleasing to the eye. Experts advise choosing a lighter shade rather than darker, as this will add an open, airy feel to the living area, which will be heightened by natural light coming in.

Small Living Room Ideas UK

Sofa for Small Living Room

There are several simple but effective ways to add a sofa into a small living room without it looking too full. Firstly, opting for a small but cosy sofa with tall legs will avoid an overly crammed appearance. Our Ridley Sofa is the perfect addition to any small living space. 

Featuring sumptuous cushions and a smart, compact shape, this luxurious victorian era sofa will be a show-stopping addition to any living room. 

If you prefer a more contemporary appearance, our Milan Sofa might be the ideal piece. Inspired by Italy, this elegant sofa strives for perfection. Featuring clean, crisp detailing, it’s an ideal asset to a modern living space. 

At Delcor, our furniture is made-to-measure, meaning it can be made and assembled to your exact size specifications. Therefore, whichever sofa you choose, whether it be a modern, vintage or period piece, you can rest assured that it will be entirely unique to your living space.

Small Living Room Corner Decor 

Opting for furniture that’s comfortable yet saves as much space as possible is strongly advised for small living rooms. Therefore, another option is our expertly crafted range of bespoke corner sofas. Comfortable and smart, our stylish metro corner sofa offers an up-to-date, neat appearance that is sure to attract compliments from guests. When placed against a wall, corner sofas take up less floor space than separate suites, therefore providing the perfect solution for small rooms.

Small Cottage Living Room Ideas  

Embrace the cottage appearance with our collection of carefully crafted armchairs. Handmade and custom built, these provide the perfect alternative to sofas if space is compromised, while fitting in perfectly with a classic, country-inspired theme. Perfect for that rural look, our Lofa Armchair goes hand-in-hand with traditional decor. Ideally, it’s best to buy two that match and position them facing towards the fireplace, with a small coffee table placed in-between. Adaptable, its versatility also makes it an ideal piece for a modern, minimalist living room.

To add some additional decor to your living space, shop our range of luxury footstools which are great for pairing with our bespoke armchairs. In particular, our plump and inviting multi-use footstool provides the ideal place to rest your feet. Featuring a lid that reveals a handy storage area, it’s ideal for storing books, reading glasses, tv remotes, and all kinds of other living room essentials.

Apartment Small Living Room Ideas  

It can be challenging finding a place for guests to stay in your apartment, but sofa beds provide the perfect solution with their classic multi-use feature, acting as a sofa to relax on and a bed to sleep, making it ideal for saving space in a small apartment living room. 

Designed to provide a great night’s sleep, our luxurious sofa beds don’t compromise when it comes to quality. With a look that’s ideal for a modern apartment, our gorgeous Magnum Sofa Bed is designed to make guests feel as snug as possible, providing both luxury and comfort.

Furnishing a Small Living Room with Delcor

Whether you’re on the lookout for a contemporary corner sofa or a classic, cottage-inspired armchair, here at Delcor, we have an extensive collection of luxury, hand-made furniture that will look great in your small living room. But if you’re having trouble finding the perfect pieces for your home, our close-knit team, which have an outstanding reputation in our industry, will be happy to help out. Our knowledge and expertise means we can help you select the best pieces for your living area.

Discover our made-to-measure furniture, suitable for small living spaces, on our website, or pay a visit to one of our five signature showrooms, where our talented team of design experts will be on-hand to provide advice. However, if you’re unable to make it, you can request a free design consultation or speak to our friendly team on the phone. We can’t wait to hear from you.