Design Inspirations: Styling Your Delcor Sofa Bed


Delcor sofa beds combine functionality with style, offering a range of designs that can elevate any living space. This article provides design inspirations and styling tips to help you integrate a Delcor sofa bed into your home decor seamlessly, ensuring it enhances both the beauty and utility of your room.

Understanding the design spectrum of Delcor sofa beds:

Delcor’s sofa beds are designed with a keen eye for both contemporary and classic aesthetics, ensuring there’s a perfect match for any interior style. Whether you’re aiming for a minimalist modern look or a cosy traditional vibe, our sofa beds can be the centerpiece or a subtle complement to your space. Remember we also offer matching sofas and chair to our sofa bed designs, so you can blend them seamlessly into your schemes.

Styling tips for integrating a sofa bed:

Follow the tips below for more inspiration!

Choose the right colour palette:

Match the sofa bed with the color scheme of your room. Consider neutral tones for versatility or bold colors to make a statement.

Optimise your rooms layout:

Place the sofa bed in a way that maximizes space functionality. Consider the flow of the room and ensure there’s enough space to extend the bed when needed.

Accessorise effortlessly:

Use throw pillows and blankets to add texture and layers. These can easily be changed to update the look or match seasonal decor styles.

Consider adding a stylish throw or a chic rug to tie the room together and create a cozy nook.

Lighting matters:

Enhance the area around the sofa bed with ambient lighting to create a warm and welcoming space. Floor lamps or wall sconces can add both functionality and design flair.

Functional decorations:

Incorporate side tables that can double as nightstands when the sofa is used as a bed. Opt for decorative elements that are not only beautiful but also practical, like ceramic vases or books.

Featured inspirational themes:

Urban Chic: Perfect for city dwellers, this theme emphasizes sleek lines and contemporary designs. A Delcor sofa bed in a metallic finish or with geometric patterns can anchor this look.

Country Comfort: Ideal for homes that favor a rustic or traditional style. Opt for a sofa bed with wooden accents and soft, plush fabrics in warm tones.

Scandinavian Simplicity: Characterized by minimalism and functionality. Choose a sofa bed with clean lines and neutral colors, paired with natural light and simple decor items.

Discover how to style your Delcor sofa bed:

The Bohemian Loft: Create a multipurpose haven using the Delcor Magnum sofa bed, adorned with eclectic pillows and vibrant throws.

The Modern Minimalist Apartment: Why not feature a Delcor Sundance sofa bed in your open-plan space, styled with monochrome accents and streamlined furniture.



A Delcor sofa bed is more than a practical furniture piece; it’s a potential centerpiece of your home decor. With the right styling, it can transform any room into a stylish, multifunctional space that meets both your aesthetic and practical needs.

Inspired to revamp your space with a Delcor sofa bed? Visit your nearest destination showroom for more ideas or consult with our design experts online to explore how our sofa beds can enhance your home.