Meet the Makers: Derwent House Creatives

Celebrating our newest showroom location Derwent House in Witney, Oxfordshire

At Delcor, we understand the importance of being able to view the Delcor difference firsthand and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver this service to our clients in all five of our specialist showrooms. Located in London, Northumberland, Lincolnshire, Cheshire and Oxfordshire, our furniture showrooms are built to spark inspiration and our expertly trained staff are always on hand to help design the beautiful, bespoke furniture we are known for.

While we are incredibly proud of each and every showroom, Derwent House, our newest Delcor showroom, is especially important to us. Here, our expertly crafted, bespoke pieces of furniture are displayed alongside the wealth of exceptional talent that the finest British craftsmen and women have to offer and, as such, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of our fellow expert makers that make this Witney home of furniture, fabric and craft so special.

Meet Abigail Bury

Abigail Bury, textile designer | Credit:

Abigail Bury is a textile designer who began her crafting career with a BA in textile design and has put her incredibly talented and creative mind to work ever since to create beautiful designs that are perfect for curtains, soft furnishings and decorative upholstery.

Primarily inspired by nature and her love of gardening, Abigail’s work is a true celebration of the vibrancy and natural beauty of the English countryside, offering colours and patterns that are reminiscent of our wonderful outdoors.

The bold, beautiful designs that make up Abigail’s catalogue are carefully hand-drawn, painted and layered before being finalised with the help of technology. This process culminates in the digital printing of the intricate, botanical and coordinating geometric designs onto a linen cotton union base cloth ready to be sold in a variety of different forms.

We are honoured to share Derwent House with such a talented woman and hope that, whether you’re interested in a bespoke Delcor sofa, armchair or bed, you’ll take a moment to appreciate the beauty of her work. We’d be proud to see any of our bespoke furniture pieces adorned with her collection of square and lumbar scatter cushions!

Meet Barnby Designs

Robert Barnby of Barnby Designs | Credit:

A fellow crafter of bespoke furniture, Barnby Designs is run by contemporary furniture designer Robert Barnby from his workshop in the beautiful Hay-on-Wye. He spends most of his time there, expanding his collection of mid-century style pieces which include tables, desks and wardrobes.

Robert’s driving passion for creating furniture comes from his personal goal of introducing natural materials into people’s homes and he can often be seen experimenting with mixing various species of wood to create a single piece. His work is cohesive in its simplicity and, taking influences from traditional Japanese and Scandinavian designs, is identifiable by its clean lines and subtle detailing.

His skills as a specialist woodworker and his meticulous attention to detail earned him his place alongside the other incredibly talented crafters in Derwent House, and we at Delcor are always proud to see our luxurious pieces displayed alongside his lovingly crafted work. Our bespoke handmade sofas, in particular, style well with his collection of side and coffee tables.

Meet Loco Glass

Colin and Louise Hawkins of Loco Glass | Credit:

As their name suggests, the husband and wife duo that make up Loco Glass, Colin and Louise Hawkins, are experts in crafting glassware. Having studied separately at Goldsmiths College London, the International Glass Centre, Sunderland University and the Royal College of Art in London, the team learned their skills from the best glass craftsmen the country has to offer, and have continued to build on their skills in the 20 years since.

Colin and Louise are known for crafting a wide variety of glassware and exhibit both their one of a kind pieces and their studio ranges throughout the UK and in their glass studio The New Brewery Arts Centre in the Cotswolds, where visitors can get the rare opportunity to see their combination of traditional glassblowing techniques and contemporary craft skills first hand.

The care and attention that goes into every piece produced by Colin and Louise is evident in the glass itself, and we at Delcor are proud to share the space at Derwent House with them. Our bespoke furniture, showcased alongside the nature inspired glass work of Loco Glass truly makes Derwent House in Witney, the home for the very best of British craft.

Make a day of it

Situated in the heart of the quaint market town of Witney, Derwent House is surrounded by delicious eateries, charming bistros and beautiful boutiques that we encourage our clients to visit.

Make a day of selecting your brand new, made-to-measure furniture by strolling the historic streets and sampling all that Witney has to offer. Our particular favourites are Café Rouge, The Hollybush and Harris + Hoole, all of which are within walking distance of our stunning showroom.

Bespoke Handmade Furniture at Delcor

Derwent House is the home of a collection of British makers and crafters that we take personal pride in being associated with. The opportunity to meet clients face to face, to help guide them through designing their own bespoke furniture pieces and to see their appreciation for the immeasurable love and care that goes into everything displayed in this Witney furniture, fabric and craft house are the most rewarding moments for any true craftsman or woman.

Unfortunately, with the second national lockdown having come into place on Thursday 5th November, this beautiful showroom is currently closed. In the meantime, you can still access our bespoke Delcor furniture online by browsing through our online catalogues or, if you feel like being inspired, take a look through our collections of traditional and modern style furniture.

We hope to welcome you to this wonderful showroom upon our reopening in December!