Colour variations and what they say about your space: Choosing the right Delcor sofa bed


Colour is a powerful tool in interior design, capable of transforming the atmosphere of a space with just a few touches. When it comes to furniture, choosing the right colour for your sofa bed can dramatically affect the overall feel and functionality of your room. At Delcor, our sofa beds come in a variety of colors, each with the potential to create a different mood and style. Let’s explore how to select the perfect hue for your needs.

Understanding colour psychology:

Colours influence emotions and perceptions. Here’s how common colours can affect the mood of your room:

Blues and Greens: Often associated with calmness and relaxation, these colours are ideal for bedrooms or areas where you want to promote tranquility.

Reds and Oranges: Vibrant and energetic, these shades can invigorate a space, making them great for living rooms or spaces designed for entertainment.

Neutrals (Beige, Grey, White): These versatile colours create a minimalist, clean look that can help smaller spaces feel larger.

Choosing the right colour for your sofa bed:

Consider the Room’s Purpose:

Decide what atmosphere you want to create. A study might benefit from a calming blue, while a family room could use a more robust, cheerful colour like red.

Match or contrast with existing decor:

Consider whether you want your sofa bed to blend in or stand out. Matching the colour to your walls or curtains can create a harmonious look, while a contrasting colour can make it a focal point.

Think about maintenance:

Lighter colors might show stains more easily, so if you expect high traffic or have young children, darker colors or patterns might be more practical.

Why not try Delcor sofa beds in various colours:

The Delcor Boxer sofa bed in deep blue: Perfect for creating a serene retreat in your guest room.

The Delcor Lofa sofa bed in vibrant red: Adds a pop of colour to energise your living space.

The Delcor Magnum sofa bed in soft grey: Offers a neutral, chic look that complements any modern decor.

Styling tips with colourful sofa beds:

Accessorise with contrast: If you choose a neutral sofa bed, brighten the space with colourful throw, pillows or rugs. For a bold-colored sofa, balance the look with neutral accessories.

Consider wall colour: Ensure the wall colour complements your sofa bed. A contrasting wall can highlight the sofa, while a harmonious colour palette can unify the space.


Selecting the right colour for your Delcor sofa bed can transform your room from merely functional to stylistically compelling. Consider what mood you want to evoke and how the color will interact with the rest of your room’s design.

Ready to find the perfect colour sofa bed for your home? Explore Delcor’s range of styles online or visit your nearest destination showroom to see how different colours can influence your space’s ambiance.

Bespoke Sundance sofa bed by Delcor