At the heart of every Delcor Masterpiece. Find out about our hard wood frames-guaranteed for 50 years.


Here at our head office and workshops in Northumberland, we create all our bespoke furniture just as we have done since 1967.

We have always worked to the very highest standards since then. We are proud to produce totally individual pieces of furniture for our customers. All our work shop staff are the very definition of craftspeople-with decades of skills and experience.

Photo: Examples of some Jarvis wing chair frames.

Our wood mill is where we build all our furniture frames in the finest quality hardwood. This is especially chosen for its durability and strength. These frames are at the heart of every Delcor masterpiece.

We always take the greatest care to create the very best for you.

Photo: Joe hand crafting panels for a sofa.

Unlike cheaper mass produced furniture, our creations are built to last a lifetime. We confidently offer a 50-year guarantee because we know how strong and durable the heart of our furniture is.

Every week, older Delcor furniture from the past returns to us to be reupholstered and updated. Refreshed and modernised, these pieces go on to live again for many more years. Sometimes these pieces date from as long ago as the 1970s.

Photo: The Designer sofa has timeless appeal.

Open the doors into our woodmill, and the wonderful sweet scent of the wood is the first thing you notice. A wonderfully evocative fragrance, and reminiscent of traditional wood working.

Just like the rest of our workshop, it is a hive of activity and a noisy place too with all the various precision machines at work. It only falls silent at the weekends or holidays!

Here all our frames are constructed using templates and patterns to create the individual styles like the Designer sofa shown above.

Photo: Doug cutting wood panels to size.

Doug, Steve, Mick and Joe collectively have 112 years experience here at Delcor! Doug pictured above also has the most appropriate surname for his job-Wood! Our woodmill team are extremely skilled at creating our handcrafted frames.

Doug has worked at Delcor for 32 years, I asked him about why he thinks Delcor is different, he replies: ‘what makes Delcor different is our customers can have truly bespoke items, any size, or style to suit their homes’.

Photo: Our Boxer modular furniture can be configured to suit your room perfectly.

Doug’s favourite style of Delcor furniture is our modular ranges like our Boxer range as shown above. These can be chosen in different configurations and sizes, and of course in any fabric or leather

Doug goes on to say: ‘what gives our furniture its core strength is our frames, made of the best quality hardwood, either Beech or Birch wood. This is why we offer our 50-year frame guarantee’

Photo: The perfect scroll on an arm, created in quality hardwood.

All our furniture is made in sections, dowelled and glued and then bolted together. This method of construction also means we can offer assembly on site. Ideal for larger items that would otherwise be difficult to deliver into certain areas of the home with restricted access.

When the frames are completed, they are ready to have the springs fitted. We use the strongest and best quality serpentine springs and spring cage units for our furniture. All our springs are guaranteed for 10 years.

Photo: An example of a spring unit as used in the seat base of our Magnum sofa.

When you purchase from Delcor, you can rest assured knowing you will have furniture of the highest quality, as well as creating something totally individual for your home.

Christopher Hopkins

Delcor Brand Manager.