A Guide to Refurbishing your Delcor furniture


7 Steps to Refurbishing Furniture

Photo: Madison sofa

Whether you are restoring an old sofa or creating a brand new look,
refurbishment can revive your favourite furniture without you having to invest in a new frame.

We believe that a great sofa can be more than a piece of furniture: it can also be setting for treasured memories and a statement of style. Time after time we hear of stories about treasured Delcor furniture, just like our customer Alison’s sofa.
So, if you have invested in a quality hardwood frame, refurbishment is the perfect way to reinvigorate a prized possession. No matter how much wear and tear it might have seen, there may be no need to replace a sofa that feels perfect. So give it a new lease of life, restore its former glory, and exercise your creativity. Once you have chosen your furniture’s new look, then it is time to start the process!

1. Collect your treasured furniture

We will arrange to collect your furniture. Our transport team will arrange the best time for you and ensure the lead time is timed, so that you are not without your furniture for too long. We typically arrange collection when we have all the components ready in our workshop to commence the work. If this is your only furniture don’t worry, we can arrange to leave you a loan sofa or chair to use whilst your furniture is away.

Photo: Our delivery team travel all over Great Britain to collect and deliver to our customers homes.

2. Stripping down to frame

The first step for our experts is to strip your sofa down to the frame. After removing the old covering and inspecting the framework, the entirety of your furniture will be checked thoroughly. The integrity, wood, and fixtures will be reviewed and prepared for renewal. All our furniture has always been handcrafted here in our woodmill with the finest hardwood, so it is not unusual for us to have furniture as old as the company itself here for some rejuvenation! This is one of the main reasons our furniture has such longevity.


Photo: The bare frame of one of our Natasha chairs

3. Repair or replace parts

After inspecting the frame, we repair any damaged or worn parts. Springs and inserts are replaced, buttons and pins are also replaced. We only use the highest quality spring cages and serpentine springs and other quality components for our furniture. Even with long hard lives with busy families, our older furniture like our ever popular Lofa sofa, still often have fully operational components. We take time to ensure your furniture is carefully reconstructed to give it a new lease of life!

Photo: Our skilled workshop staff are the very definition of craftspeople and take great care with your furniture.

4. Preparing New Upholstery

With the sofa stripped and parts repaired or replaced as required, the next step is to reupholster the frame. Delcor provides a huge range of quality fabrics and leathers to choose from. We have accounts with the worlds leading fabric houses so you have a world of fabrics or leather to choose from. The key here is to understand not only the look, but also the feel and durability of your upholstery. Speak to one of our experts in store if you’re not sure what to choose, they will be delighted to help choose something especially for you. Now is your chance to create something new and individual for you and your home.


Photo: Our skilled machinists sew all our fabrics with great precision.

5. Reupholstery

Next, your fabric or leather will be hand-cut to fit your sofa. The parts will be fixed, and all buttons and finishing touches renewed. Our experienced upholsterers will then take great care in recovering and reupholstering the sofa or chair. You will notice that patterns, such as the classic Morris design below, will run perfectly down the piece of furniture with the great precision of pattern matching. Our skilled artisans have hundreds of years combined experience, so you can rest assured knowing your treasured piece will return to you as a true masterpiece.

Photo: We have accounts with the world’s leading fabric houses such as Morris & Co, who have beautiful classic designs like Strawberry Thief shown above.

6. New seat and back interiors

Having removed all the cushions, we replace them with new fillings. Whether firm foam or softer fillings, we work to your exact requirements to provide your perfect comfort level. Our showroom consultants will advise you and help you choose the perfect comfort for you. They can also explain the best ways to care for your new interiors. Our care sheet also explains the best ways to keep your Delcor furniture looking as good as new.

Photo: Fontaine sofa in Beaumont Textiles Lykee Linen.

7. Delivery

When your sofa or chair is fully refurbished, it will be returned to you – perhaps even better than new. Our dedicated transport team will deliver your completed furniture back to you and carefully place it in your room. Ready to enjoy, and love again for many more years.

If you are interested in having your Delcor furniture refurbished, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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